Sustainable food production deceptive

Popular thinking about how to improve food systems for the better often misses the point, according to the results of a three-year global study of salmon production systems.

Bioethanol production from agricultural waste

With the introduction of a single bacterial gene into yeast, researchers achieved three improvements in bioethanol production from agricultural waste material.

Boosting the production of biofuels

Engineers at Ohio State University have found a way to double the production of the biofuel butanol, which might someday replace gasoline in automobiles.

Biotechnology: More efficient fuel production

Using electrolysed water rather than harsh chemicals could be a more effective and environmentally friendly method in the pretreatment of ethanol waste products to produce an acetone-butanol-ethanol fuel mix, according to research.

Food, energy outpace production

With the caloric needs of the planet expected to soar by 50 percent in the next 40 years, planning and investment in global agriculture will become critically important, according a new report.

Renewability for sustainable ethaol production

Scientists say they are forging ahead in developing replacements for petrochemical fuels that will be cost-competitive and renewable while having a minimal impact on the environment.

Revolution in Cheese Production

The new technology Fresh Cheese Without Whey Separation enables the production of a wide range of premium quality fresh dairy products, with specific textures and varied flavors.

Ethanol production could jeopardise soil productivity

Crop residues are viewed as a low cost and readily available source for ethanol production, but are we jeopardising the long-term productivity of prairie soils? There are no easy answers.

Increased RNA production

Now that studies have shown microRNAs regulate genes involved in normal functioning as well as diseases such as cancer, everyone wants to know: What regulates microRNAs?

Controlling T cell growth and production

Identifying one of the processes that plays a role in naive and memory T-cells' growth and production could one day lead to better vaccines and possibly more effective cancer immunotherapy.

New microbial DNA production reaction

A team of researchers has discovered a new chemical reaction for producing one of the four nucleotides, or building blocks, needed to build DNA.

Isolator technology: key role in screening and production

When lives are at risk, there is no room for compromise. Isolators play a vital role when humans need to handle pharmaceuticals or pathogens.

Contamination-free sample production with laminar-flow PCR cabinets

Labcaire Systems’ laminar-flow PCR preparation cabinets assist operators in producing contamination-free PCR samples.

Twin-screw extruder for small production needs

The Buhler BTSK-30 Food is suitable for parameter evaluation, process development, process optimisation, pilot plants and small production requirements.

High-purity skids used in trials for biopharmaceutical production

In order to meet critical production requirements for a clinical trial of a new treatment for Pompe disease – and help save the lives of those involved in the trials – the biopharmaceutical manufacturer Genzyme turned to a solution for high-purity skids for ultrafiltration and chromatography.

Production facility for Klarite promises major step forward for Raman spectrocopy

The first ever production facility dedicated to the manufacture of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrates has opened in Southampton, UK.

Modular processing system for production of fine food

With the keen competition by which the food market is characterised today, it is extremely important for the producers to keep pace with the quickly changing eating habits of the consumers.

Interest grows in peptide therapeutics as production techniques improve

The interest for peptide therapeutics has recently intensified, with a growth rate predicted to be quite significantly higher than for other active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) overall.

Production set to increase at Lithuanian cheese plant following E3m investment in automation

Lithuanian cheese manufacturer Rokiskio suris AB recently signed a contract worth E3m with APV, a business unit of Invensys, to provide a new, highly automated production facility at the company's Rokiskio plant.

Innovative large scale peptide production

Being the most prominent regulators of vital functions, peptides have always spurred much interest for therapeutic applications.






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