Nucleation technology and the freeze drying process

SP Scientific has implemented ControLyo technology on their LyoStar3 freeze dryer systems

Frutarom boosts production of natural cosmetic

Frutarom, Israel, expanded its new, environment-friendly algae plant in the Negev desert to answer increasing demands for Alguard, the company’s natural and sustainable “skin-active shield” ingredient derived from red microalgae polysaccharides.

Roller bottles for cell culture production

Thermo Scientific Nunc Roller Bottles offer wider choice of materials and surface treatments

Microbubbles provide new boost for biofuel production

A solution to the difficult issue of harvesting algae for use as a biofuel has been developed using microbubble technology pioneered at the University of Sheffield. The technique builds on previous research in which microbubbles were used to improve the way algae is cultivated.

New tool for more creativity in the production of convenience products

Walter Rau AG has added two new dimensions by using virgin vegetable oils - vegolio mix and match - offering functionality, better taste and look. Marinade oils are usually blends of refined vegetable oil and vegetable fat and structured in a manner, that a stable, pasty yet pump able consistency is achieved

Enzyme advance cellulosic biofuel production

Accellerase TRIO helps reduce ethanol production costs, lowers dosage and offers environmental benefits

Automated production of high quality blood agar

Quality of blood agar plates is of prime importance for the reliable determination of haemolysis type

Production of proteins with extended circulatory half-life

Albumin fusion technology designed to overcome challenges associated with the therapeutic use of peptides and proteins

GMP production of oligos for diagnostic use

IDT’s CCM facility manufactures oligos to meet any defined specifications, and customers are able to maintain total control over the entire process

Graded density filter for high flow production of Cryptosporidium-free water

Cartridges are proven to provide absolute control of Cryptosporidium oocysts in water used in ultrapure water industries

Filters Deliver Beer Production Savings

Porvair Filtration Group has announced that a large European brewer has selected its Microfil GP filters to replace a leading competitor brand.

Value of Chicken Litter in Cotton Production

Chicken litter is much more valuable as a fertilizer than previously thought, according to an Agricultural Research Service study showing its newfound advantages over conventional fertilizers.

Non-organic production of important greenhouse gas

A research team led by biogeochemists from the University of Georgia has discovered at the site a previously unreported chemical mechanism for the production of nitrous oxide, an important greenhouse gas.

Digital plant architecture improves drinks production

Emerson's Project Expertise and PlantWeb Architecture is being used to increase the accuracy and speed of recipe changes.

Revolutionising cooking oil production

A Queen's University chemistry professor has invented a special solvent that may make cooking oil production more environmentally friendly. It is extracted from soybeans.

Sugar-hungry yeast to boost biofuel production

Engineering yeast to transform sugars more efficiently into alcohols could be an economically and environmentally sound way to replace fossil fuels, say scientists.

Production scale freeze drying

Benchmark Series Freeze Dryers have numerous options that allow customers to configure the freeze dryer to fit into any facility.

Breakthrough in production of biofuels

Scientists have scooped an international award in recognition of their work on an innovative device which will make the production of alternative biofuels more energy efficient.

Global warming, wine and corn production

If spring-like weather arrives earlier than usual, and flowers bloom and wither before the pollinators appear, the consequences could be devastating for both the plants and the animals that feed on them.

Self-destructing bacteria improve biofuel production

An Arizona State University research team has developed a process that removes a key obstacle to producing lower-cost, renewable biofuels.






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