Strengthening micro product support for medical technology innovators

Ten year commitment to micro product availability and technical support reflects lengthier design cycles and product life cycles for medical devices and equipment

Unlocking the potential of automated product torque testing

Dr Patrick Collins looks at the benefits of modern torque testers with touchscreen interfaces and user-friendly software.

Product thermal characterisation using freeze drying microscopy

Webinar will introduce participants to the components of a freeze drying microscope

Rentschler to manufacture Faron product Traumakine

Traumakine is meant to prevent vascular leakage in patients with acute lung injuries

Processors reap benefits as milk and dairy product demand grows

An increase in worldwide demand for milk and other liquid dairy products is driving development of more faster, more efficient processing solutions. Sean Ottewell reports.

Miniature-scale processing for research and product development

When it comes to producing test quantities and samples of new products, many manufacturers rely on production equipment - resulting in considerable downtime on the production floor.

Lab equipment: Reliable product temperature monitoring

Providing repeatable and accurate placement of a product thermocouple in a vial or bottle - the Virtis MVP Probe System is a proven freeze drying accessory designed to ensure reliable product temperature monitoring.

Pharmacology product stimulates immune memory

Rapamycin, a drug given to transplant recipients to suppress their immune systems, has a paradoxical effect on cells responsible for immune memory, scientists have reported.

Product, process and profits with the correct pH sensor

In an effort to improve process efficiency and boost batch yields, one Canadian company focused on its pH sensor problems. Once they were overcome, the company was able to massively increase both product yield and quality. Sean Ottewell reports.

Managing documents to aid product compliance

Before any therapeutic product or device is approved for use in humans, it has to undergo a battery of pre-clinical and clinical studies to ensure the safety and efficacy.

Ellen-Patricia Zimmermann reports.

Laning system aids easier product packaging

Food conveyor manufacturer Cox and Plant Products has launched a new conveyor enabling separation of products for easier presentation and packaging.

Improved packaging helps eliminate damage to product in transit

There is a a huge of amount of development work going on throughout Europe to improve packaging machines. Here,

Eric Russell looks at the some of the innovations being offered by the suppliers of packaging equipment.

new PC product line aims to solve tough global problems

In order to satisfy requirements regarding Internet and local area network (LAN) applications, Eurotech, one of the leaders in the field of embedded high performance digital systems for industrial, telecommunication and scientific applications, aims at providing a global solution called EmbeddedDNA. This is a new concept that allows the company to develop distributed systems (Internet-WAN, LAN, FieldBus) based on the PC/104, PC/104 Plus and CompactPCI modules.

Using microcalorimetry todetermine product shelf-life

While product viability over time is an important consideration, calorimetry has not been a popular tool for its study in the past. Now, however, a new technique has been developed to determine stability of low molecular weight materials in both aqueous and non-aqueous solvents. Its primary application areas include drug formulation and stability.

Productive drying of natural product extracts

The Rocket™ high speed evaporation system from Genevac is demonstrated in a new web microsite to provide a superior alternative to rotary evaporators for safe and productive drying of natural product extractions.

Product management for liquids during production and transport

UCON AG Containersysteme KG - manufacturer in the field of heatable and isolated stainless steel containers for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries - has the right answer to the specific needs of their customers with the cylindrical heated stainless steel tank UCON ZBEI.

Siemens presents new product lines for angiography

Siemens Healthcare has developed a revolutionary new X-ray tube and detector technology for its Artis Q and Artis Q.zen angiography systems to improve minimally invasive therapy of diseases such as coronary artery disease, stroke and cancer.





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