Online process refractometer supplement laboratory analysis

The process refractometer of the PMD700 series enables precise monitoring of the concentration in real time with an accuracy of up to 0.2g/l

Optimised cooking/cooling improves rice consistency and process flexibility

Significant improvement in rice texture and appearance and more flexible high-volume processing of parboiled rice for refrigerated, frozen and canned meals is now possible with the latest cooking and cooling technologies. Jim McMahon reports

In-line process monitoring system

SpectroSens optical microchip sensor system improves efficiency and QC

Process Delivers Highly Uniform Plastic Parts

Porvair Filtration Group has developed expertise to offer optimum manufacturing solutions of sintered porous plastic components using a wide range of cGMP manufacturing techniques.

Rigorous filter manufacturing process

Porvair Filtration Group has announced its range of polymeric membrane filters is proven to meet the most stringent international regulatory guidelines.

Multifunction Process Calibrator

The new Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator is a powerful, yet easy-to-use field calibrator. It can test and calibrate almost any process parameter.

Discovery of enzyme activation process

Researchers have determined how a 'chemical chaperone' does its job in the body, which could lead to a new class of drugs to help reduce the muscle damage caused by heart attacks.

Shaker platform enables non-invasive measurement of process

The Sensolux standalone version is a shaker platform equipped with an optical sensor system for monitoring pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) saturation during cultivation of animal cells.

Novel process separates whey proteins into high-value ingredients

Natalya Clark discusses a novel way for the separation of α-lactalbumin and [g2]-lactoglobulin in whey.

Genetic evolution process discovered

In research published this week, researchers reports that a protein known as REST plays a central role in switching specific genes on and off, thereby determining how specific traits develop in offspring.

Real time process control for food manufacture

Real time process control for food manufacture has come a significant step closer, thanks to pioneering research work into viscosity measurement techniques for characterising the flow and mixability of highly non-Newtonian fluids.

Natural pasturisation process cuts contamination

Dr Cameon Ivarsson looks at rapid low temperature processes that are effective at decontamination without cooking the product.

Synthesis systems for chemistry & process development

Radleys has chosen the forthcoming ACHEMA 2009 exhibition to launch a new generation of laboratory synthesis systems designed to enable chemists and process development engineers to get more for less.

Better process control

Scientists have developed an effective laser based method for the characterisation of the bulk chemical content of pharmaceutical capsules - without opening the capsules.

Product, process and profits with the correct pH sensor

In an effort to improve process efficiency and boost batch yields, one Canadian company focused on its pH sensor problems. Once they were overcome, the company was able to massively increase both product yield and quality. Sean Ottewell reports.

Diversified isolator system for critical process steps

Barrier isolators separate the operator from the process and the products. The ARIS is a high quality, state of the art, barrier system, for the flexible use in environmental health and safety, as well as product protection applications.

Streamlining the grain precooking process

Changes in consumer needs call for adjustments to the associated production processes. But finding the most suitable solution is not always immediately possible.

New chocolate process maintains quality of batch but with shortened production times

Chocolate – the tempting mixture of cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and, in the case of milk chocolate, milk powder – has a storied past.

Products as needed thanks to clear separation of process operations

The ECOtwin extrusion system enables the cooking degree and the bulk density of extruded products to be selected and controlled.






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