Flat top motorised stage for upright microscopes

The H101F flat top motorised stage from Prior Scientific is suitable for a wide range of upright microscopes and offers a combination of precision, reliability and convenience

Long life metal halide illumination system

The Lumen 200S is a 200 Watt, cost effective alternative to standard 100 Watt mercury and halogen lamp houses traditionally used for fluorescence imaging

Broad spectrum LED illumination for fluorescence microscopy

Prior Scientific offers a range of highly reliable, high performance LED illumination sources for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy

Automated imaging and analysis

Prior Scientific announces exhibits at two major microscopy shows

Alternative to microscope Mercury vapour lamps and bulbs

Mercury vapour lamps and bulbs suffer from a number of limiting disadvantages including an operational lifetime rarely exceeding 200 hours

Brightfield LED illumination for upright and inverted microscopes

Brightfield LED replaces the standard light source that can be fitted to most modern upright and inverted microscope systems






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