Free models to predict toxicity of compounds

StarDrop’s glowing molecule provides visual link between chemical structure and predicted toxicities

Gene test to predict nerve damage from bone cancer treatment

Scientists have found a genetic test that predicts whether bone marrow cancer treatments including thalidomide are likely to give patients a debilitating side-effect

Smart device GPS technology helps predict infection spread

Specialists using 'geo' information to record the nature and frequency of interactions to understand how infections spread

Personality can predict fertility

A study found that women with higher levels of neuroticism and more extroverted men, are likely to give birth to a larger number of children in societies with traditionally high birth rates.

Smart wind turbines can predict the wind

Risø DTU has recently completed the world's first successful test on a wind turbine with a laser-based anemometer built into the spinner in order to increase electricity generation.

Mathematical model to predict flu response

Researchers have developed a mathematical model to predict immune responses to infection with influenza A viruses, including novel viruses such as the emergent 2009 influenza A.

X-rays help predict permanent bone damage

Breast cancer patients, individuals at risk for osteoporosis and those undergoing certain types of bone cancer therapies often take drugs containing bisphosphonates.

Simple test to predict if pregnant women will give birth prematurely

Babies born early run a greater risk of serious complications. The researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy have now developed a method to predict if pregnant women with preterm contractions will give birth within seven days. The method offers new possibilities to delay delivery and prepare care for the premature baby.





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