Powerful and simple to use mass spectrometers

Laboratories are demanding low-cost, high throughput, affordable mass spec solutions

Powerful genome barcoding system

Genetic abnormalities are most often discussed in terms of differences so miniscule they are actually called "snips" - changes in a single unit along the 3 billion that make up the entire string of human DNA.

Lab equipment: Tango offers powerful heating and cooling

Radleys have announced the launch of the new Huber Petite Fleur or baby Tango, a new entry level Unistat thermoregulator for applications in the mid-range -40˚C to 200˚C.

Powerful method of suppressing errors

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have demonstrated a technique for efficiently suppressing errors in quantum computers, making it easier to build useful versions.

LC/MS detection: powerful tool for organic compound analysis

Diab Elmashni outlines the advantages of liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry detection.

Low-cost, powerful industrial pusher/puller

The Servotube from Copley Controls is claimed to be the first three-phase linear motor designed specifically for use as an actuator.

"Digital automation for powerful, cost-effective production solutions"

When an Italian manufacturer of anti cancer compounds chose to update its automation systems, it turned to a supplier with a long track record of meeting FDA regulations. The result is a powerful, cost-effective solution.

Harnessing new technologies for more powerful bioassays

Bioassays are becoming ever more powerful. Among the latest developments are a micro-sonicator capable of lysing difficult cells such as anthrax spores, and an ultra high throughput screening technique which allows one operator to perform a million assays every day.





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