Orthogonal platform enhances protein separation and characterisation

Postnova has designed an advanced orthogonal system that allows both SEC and FFF separations to be carried out on the same sample within one instrument platform

Analytical protein aggregate separation without a column

The liquid chromatography column is replaced by separation channel technology

Multi-angle light scattering detector

Enables the precise calculation of the absolute molecular weight of proteins, natural and synthetic polymers

Sensitive and precise multi-angle light scattering detector

Measures the intensity of scattering at 21 angles which enables the precise calculation of the absolute molecular weight

Carbon nanotubes in complex matrices

Investigation into how shape could be used as a contrasting parameter for the detection of MWCNTs in pure soot or even soil

Novel nanoscale vehicles for drug delivery

The drug delivery system is based upon the synthesis of self-assembled spherical polymer vesicles known as polymersomes

Determining chemical composition of tattoo ink nanoparticles

While some 12% of Europeans have tattoos, little is known about the long term effects of the chemicals in the inks

High resolution separation of nanoparticles

Tool for the separation of complex particulate samples in areas including agriculture, cosmetics, the environment, food and nanomaterials





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