Portable FTIR analyser for Determining Water in Lubricating Oil

A2 Technologies has announced that the Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire, England, has selected their iPAL portable FTIR analyser for measuring the level of water in the lubricating oil used in the massive turbines at this major power plant.

HygroPort Portable Hygrometer

Kahn Instruments, a leading manufacturer of advanced moisture-measuring instrumentation, is proud to introduce the new HygroPort Portable Hygrometer.

Portable and precise gas sensor

A team of Princeton and Rice University researchers has demonstrated a new method of identifying nitric oxide using lasers and sensors that are inexpensive, compact and highly sensitive.

Model 312 Portable GC

The Model 312 Portable GC offers nearly universal response for organic and inorganic compounds CCD: Combustible compounds such as hydrocarbons.

the emergence of portable spectroscopy

Thanks to the mass production of optical fibres, the development of low-cost detectors and optics, and the emergence of PCs, spectroscopy has expanded beyond the lab and into the field.

Small, inexpensive spectrometers make feasible applications that were previously cost prohibitive.

"The drawbacks of FT-IR are tackled, while NIR technology goes portable"

High cost and poor performance have hampered development ofFT-IR imaging technology in the past. All that could change withthe development of new detector technology. At the same time, advances in NIR technology have produced a portable analyser capable of laboratory-quality results.

Portable spectrometer from Ocean Optics ideal for field applications

The Jaz spectrometer from Ocean Optics is a handheld, field-portable analytical instrument that combines low-power optical sensing and onboard computing power for custom applications ranging from chlorophyll analysis in leaves and plants to solar irradiance measurements and ozone monitoring.

Portable system for aspiration and disposal of biological waste

The VACUSIP from INTEGRA provides an ideal benchtop solution for the safe aspiration and disposal of small volumes of liquid waste in clinical, molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology labs.





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