Evolving applications for sintered porous plastics

Porvair Filtration Group has written a technical article that documents the evolution of how sintered porous plastics have been used in industrial applications to their incorporation today in novel Chromatin Immunoprepitation (ChIP) assay kits used by scientists at the forefront of epigenetics research.

Medical polymers industry: money in, money out

The medical plastics industry is set to expand rapidly over the next decade taking up increasing proportions of GDP, as countries provide healthcare to an ageing population, access to medicine expands in developing regions and new technology is developed

Guide to biodegradable polymers

Biodegradable polymers are gaining popularity, for instance, in agricultural applications such as mulch films, flowerpots and controlled-release fertilisers, and in packaging items such as carrier bags and food wrapping and containers.

New analysis method helpsdevelop improved polymers

More accurate polymer analysis is helping develop improved polymers at a faster rate than ever before. Dr David Niehaus describes a new analysis method ­ the size exclusion chromatography cubed (SEC3) method which combines SEC,a laser light-scattering detector, a refractive index detectorand a viscometer detector to accurately characterise molecularweight, size, and branching.





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