New higher specifications for Melting Point Apparatus

Electrothermal’s IA9000 series Melting Point Apparatus and budget-priced digital Mel-Temp® offer upgraded performance, excellent ergonomics and a compact design.

Benchtop evaporator removes even highest boiling point solvents

Designed to remove high boiling point solvents and deliver enhanced solvent recovery thereby improving final drying of stubborn samples and enabling fast lyophilisation of HPLC fractions

Proteins may point to alcohol use test

Measuring a set of protein changes in the blood linked to alcohol use may potentially lead to a more accurate diagnostic test than those currently available, according to recent research.

Knockouts in human cells point to pathogenic targets

Whitehead researchers have developed a new type of genetic screen for human cells to pinpoint specific genes and proteins used by pathogens, according to their paper in Science.

Microdosing trials point the way to smarter drug development

The last thing drug companies need now is an increase in time consuming and expensive clinical trials. But ongoing problems with Cox-2 inhibitors ­ and others ­ mean that regulators are likely to make just such a demand. At the same time, both the regulators and the drug companies want to reduce the number of potential products that fail during clinical development.

Affinity chromatography is focal point in proteomics techniques

John Curling reports on the use of affinity chromatography in protein research and development.

Speed and point of sampling are the drivers for measurement science

Increasing the speed of sample throughput and the desire to conduct analysis at the point of sampling ­ be it in the field, factory or surgery ­ are two of the major trends driving measurement science today. Helen Parkes and Derek Craston report.





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