More testing options for microbiology labs

Now available for antimicrobial susceptibility testing, dalbavancin on FDA-cleared microbroth dilution susceptibility plates

Optimised filter plates

Optimised filter plate applications include cell harvesting, DNA separation, binding studies

Are your microtitre plates cold enough on ice?

The BioCision CoolSink thermo-conductive plate holder provides fast equilibration of all wells to below 4ºC and excellent well-to-well temperature uniformity

New glass-based tissue culture and assay plates

Bibby Sterilin has launched a new range of Iwaki glass-based tissue culture and assay plates, combining the convenience of standard multiwell plates with the optical clarity of an ultra thin and uniform glass base ­ the perfect solution for highly sensitive fluorescence and confocal microscopy applications.

Wide choice of 384-well assay plates

Porvair Sciences, specialists in microplate technology, has a comprehensive range of high quality 384-well assay plates providing an ideal solution for almost all fluorescence, luminescence, absorption, ELISA/turbidity and scintillation measurements.

Ultra-thin-layer chromatography plates

The new era of chromatographic separation started with Chromolith HPLC columns. Now Merck's latest innovation in monolithic silica technology is the ultra-thin-layer chromatography plates (UTLC).





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