‘Seed busting' microplate

Can survive four minutes of bead beating with barley seeds, a notoriously hard carpel to crack

Plants can 'control embryo growth'

High yield plants could be created following a fundamental change in our understanding of how plants develop, according to researchers

Plants use latex to harm and heal

Plants use natural latex in different ways, to help poison insects or rapidly heal wounds, a new study has found.

Little changes – large effects

Scientists at the University of York have discovered that very small chemical changes to dietary flavonoids cause very large effects when the plant natural products are tested for their impact on the human immune system.

Spread of crop pests threatens global food security as Earth warms

A new study has revealed that global warming is resulting in the spread of crop pests towards the North and South Poles at a rate of nearly 3 km a year.

Survival skills of plants after dark investigated

New study by UK scientists could optimise crop production in the future

Fungi aid plants growth

By tinkering with a type of fungus that lives in association with plant roots, researchers have found a way to increase the growth of rice by an impressive margin.

Component helps plants go green

A team of researchers from Duke University and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies has found a central part in the machinery that turns plants green when they sense light.

CO2 effects on plants causes warming

According to a new study by researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science, in some regions more than a quarter of the warming from increased carbon dioxide is due to its direct impact on vegetation.

Possible new soybean plants

Just months after the soybean genome was sequenced, a scientist has discovered a long-sought gene that controls the plant's main stem growth and could lead to the creation of new types of soybean plants.

Growth orientation in plants

Researchers have exposed the turf wars between two groups of antagonistic genetic master switches that set up a plant's polar axis with a root on one end and a shoot on the other.

Unlocking relationships among flowering plants

A recent study targets one of the major moments in plant evolution, when the ancestors of most of the world's flowering plants split into two major groups.

Breed of plants help revive western rangelands

For more than two decades, scientists have been developing new grasses and forages that can hold their own on the rugged rangelands of the western United States.

The future of organic ornamental plants

Whether plants are grown for food or ornamental use, conventional agricultural production methods have the same environmental impact. Pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers can find their way into the air and groundwater, ultimately affecting the environment, wildlife, and communities.

Bigger corn plants bully smaller neighbours

It might not look like there's much going on in those roadside corn fields, but a researcher has shown that corn plants are in a fierce battle with each other for resources.

Virus chauffeur useful elements into plants

Scientists for Texas AgriLife Research have gone the distance to show that at least some viruses can be put to work to help us.

How plants and bacteria talk

Scientists have identified the bacterial signaling molecule that matches up with a specific receptor in rice plants to ward off a devastating disease known as bacterial blight of rice.

Progressing cavity pump improves food plant's effluent treatment

Headland Foods, the manufacturer of frozen own label ready meals, has specified a high performance Compact C Range progressing cavity (PC) pump from NOV Mono to reduce maintenance and improve process efficiency at its production plant in Flintshire, Scotland.

Exposure to nanotubes affects plants

With potential adverse health and environmental effects often in the news, scientists are reporting that carbon nanotubes could have beneficial effects in agriculture.






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