Plant genomics sample preparation

Seed Genomics plate withstand demanding applications using steel ball bearings in the wells shaken at up to 1500rpm used to homogenise seeds, leaves or tissue

Genes may travel from plant to plant to fuel evolution

Evolutionary biologists at the University of Sheffield and Brown University have documented for the first time that plants pass genes from plant to plant to fuel their evolutionary development.

Identifying natural stimulants of brown fat

Plasticell and Pierre Fabre Laboratories sign a partnership to identify natural stimulants of brown fat for treatment and prevention of obesity and diabetes

Stevia without bitter taste possible with Phytonext's extraction technology

Stevia leaves contain sweeteners that are 100 to 400 times sweeter than sugar, without any calories. Unfortunately stevia leaves also contain bitter components, which make it difficult to apply natural stevia in consumer products.

Rainforest plant combats multi-resistant bacterial strains

Aggressive infections in hospitals are an increasing health problem worldwide. The development of bacterial resistance is alarming. Now a young Danish scientist has found a natural substance in a Chilean rainforest plant that effectively supports the effect of traditional treatment with antibiotics.

Soy is on top as a high-quality plant protein

Evaluation method supports soy protein as a high-quality protein similar to meat, eggs and dairy

New tool puts plant hormone under surveillance

Charles Darwin was the first to speculate that plants contain hormones. His pioneering research led to the identification of the very first and key plant growth hormone - auxin - in 1937. Seventy five years on an international team of researchers have made another break-through in our understanding of this important plant hormone.

Plant molecular farming: a new biotech wave

Opportunities and challenges in Europe in the production of biopharmaceuticals using plant molecular farming

Digital plant architecture improves drinks production

Emerson's Project Expertise and PlantWeb Architecture is being used to increase the accuracy and speed of recipe changes.

Switch for chloroplasts in plant cells

Scientists based in Golm near Potsdam were recently the first to modify and insert riboswitches into the genetic material of the chloroplast in order to control the formation of certain chloroplast proteins.

Global warming threatens plant diversity

In the coming decades, climate change is set to produce worldwide changes in the living conditions for plants, whereby major regional differences may be expected to occur.

New defences deployed against plant diseases

An international team led by scientists have transferred broad spectrum resistance against some important plant diseases across different plant families and provides a new way to produce crops with sustainable resistance to economically important diseases.

Stable climate and plant domestication linked

Sustainable farming and the introduction of new crops relies on a relatively stable climate, not dramatic conditions attributable to climate change.

Analysis of powdered plant tissue

Plant genetics research has advanced considerably. Huge investment has been made into research for both bio fuels and crop science. Andrew Whitwell reports.

Maize map to aid plant breeding efforts

In a massive survey of genetic diversity in maize, also known as corn, researchers have developed a gene map that should pave the way to significant improvements in a plant that is a major source of food, fuel, animal feed and fibre around the world.

Nitrogen loss threatens desert plant life

As the climate gets warmer, arid soils lose nitrogen as gas, reports a new Cornell study. That could lead to deserts with even less plant life than they sustain today, say the researchers.

Compressed air management at snack food plant cuts energy bill

A compressed air management system is helping reduce reduce energy bills at a snack food plant.

Drug-free Cannabis plant

Researchers have identified genes producing tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive substance in marijuana. Studying the genes could also lead to new and better drugs for pain, nausea and other conditions.

Predicting the future of plant communities

A scientist discovered an algorithm that may be used to predict the future dynamics of plant communities, an increasingly interesting area of study as significant environmental changes.

Bottling plant cuts compressed air generation costs and emissions

An energy efficiency improvement programme at a bottling plant has resulted in substantial energy savings and a positive impact on carbon emissions.






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