Automation-friendly reservoirs

Reduce plastic waste and simultaneously give scientists a clear view of the pipette tips for the best liquid handling results

Pipetting calibration

A good calibration and maintenance programme is essential for accurate and precise pipetting

Environmentally-friendly reagent reservoirs

Integra offers a range of high quality multichannel reservoirs that feature reusable bases

Advanced pipetting solutions

TerraRacks eliminate the need to autoclave and refill tip boxes

Benchtop 1536-well pipetting

The introduction of this new capability provides screening labs with an alternative to fully automated robotic liquid handling systems

Pipetting techniques to improve serial dilution assays

Preparation of reproducible serial dilution assays, especially in 384-well plates, is a challenging task because they require many pipetting actions and are highly dependent on an operator's technique and experience

Maximising pipetting workflow

New 20µl Liquidator 96 offers 96-well pipetting and no complex programming, says Anachem

Increasing pipetting workflow efficiency

Viaflo Assist enhances the efficiency while maintaining the accuracy of pipetting protocols related to the discovery

384-channel pipetting

Tecan’s MCA 384 adapter plate concept provides ultimate flexibility for the University of Konstanz

Integra LED Light Provides Comfortable Error-Free Pipetting

The new Integra Pipetboy pro pipetting aid unites all essential characteristics for productive work with serological pipettes: accuracy, speed and comfort.

Ergonomics-centred pipetting designed for intensive use

Dr Antonio Romaguera looks at the advantages of electronic pipettes.





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