Pumps enable reliable production of highly monodisperse droplets

Applications include the generation of emulsions and capture of single or multiple cells in monodisperse droplets

Supply chain heavyweights from leading life sciences companies will come together to discuss their biggest industry concerns for 2013.

Amsterdam plays host to this year’s 4th Life Sciences Supply Chain Summit, taking place on November 20-21.

“E” reshaping Marketing – Are you ready, Pharma?

Fleming Europe is organizing its 3rd Annual Pharma eMarketing Congress, this time with the aim to provide a platform for exchange of valuable insight into today‘s e-Customers, and to equip pharma companies with the tools needed to impact sales.

Big data specialists could breathe life into the pharma sector

Increased hiring of big data experts and data scientists could help to revitalise the pharmaceutical sector, according to NonStop Recruitment

ICSE reflects pharma outsourcing growth

ICSE, in association with co-located events, is expected to draw over 25,000 attendees

Dynamic pharma partnering for future mutual benefits

Changing market dynamics are forcing pharma companies to adopt more collaborative approaches. As Adam Sherlock shows, the result is a new wave of partnerships that go beyond just R&D.

The outsourcing boom grows for non-core pharma activities

There's no competitive advantage in submissions management, so why be dragged down by the process, asks Adam Sherlock. Let someone else do it ...

PPPs standing behind the growth of pharma R&D

In the past years, many blockbuster drugs lost their patents. To avoid the resulting decline in sales, pharma companies had to start looking for new wonder drugs. Considering the main factors such as time horizon and financial resources, they found the solution in public private partnerships.

Pharma logistics 2013

This event will gather over 85 leading logistics and cold chain experts from big pharma companies, wholesalers, retailers and associations on 9 -10 April 2013 in Vienna, Austria.

8th Annual Quality & OPEX in Pharma & Biotech

Leading pharma players such as Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi, Merck, Novartis, Genzyme, Teva, etc. understand that manufacturing quality is becoming a key driver in successful and timely product launches. Find solutions to overcome the challenges lying ahead for the pharma industry at this event in Frankfurt, 4-5 October.





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