Accelerating personalised medicine

Nightingale Health and THL Biobank to accelerate personalised medicine by analysing 40,000 blood samples

Biology: A new dimension

Biology is not flat, so one expert in the sector is aiming to make 3D cell culture a commodity, explains Angel Garcia Martín

A personal approach to medicine

Britt Franken reveals how personalised medicine is aiding physicians in selecting the best therapeutic strategy

Traceable sample storage

Ultra-pure polypropylene ensures that the storage tubes are compliant with USP Class 6 and European Pharmacopeia tests

Breast cancer: towards personalised treatment

Largest-ever study of breast cancer genomes reveals new genes and mutations involved in the disease

Gene expression profiling boosts tailor-made treatment

Large amounts of information generated by gene expression profiling will increase implementation of data management tools

Personalised medicine drives next-generation sequencing

Future of DNA sequencing will shift from a laboratory-based setup to point of care testing in the next five years





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