Entry-level system for microwave-assisted peptide synthesis

Biotage Initiator Peptide Workstation utilises a unique microwave peptide vial

Unique parallel peptide synthesizer

The Syro Wave peptide synthesis system is the only system on the market that offers both microwave and parallel peptide synthesis capabilities.

Stress peptide and receptor may have role in diabetes

Researchers have found that corticotropin-releasing factor also plays a part in the pancreas, where it increases insulin secretion and promotes the division of the insulin-producing beta cells.

Intracellular trafficking of a neurotoxic prion peptide

Neurotoxic peptides derived from the protease-resistant core of the prion protein are used to model the pathogenesis of prion diseases.

Interest grows in peptide therapeutics as production techniques improve

The interest for peptide therapeutics has recently intensified, with a growth rate predicted to be quite significantly higher than for other active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) overall.

Complex peptide mixture analysis through ion trap mass spectrometer

Traditionally, rapid identification of low abundance proteins in complex mixtures has utilised three-dimensional (3D) quadrupole ion trap spectrometry systems.

Innovative large scale peptide production

Being the most prominent regulators of vital functions, peptides have always spurred much interest for therapeutic applications.

Use of fluorescent dyes increases in development of peptide products

Dr. David Woodhouse looks at a range of peptide productsto design and satisfy the requirements of drug discoveryand development activities.





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