Blocking key pathway in prostate cancer

Prostate cancer advances when tumors become resistant to hormone therapy, which is the standard treatment for patients, and begin producing their own androgens.

Pathway sheds light on cystic fibrosis

In a study that could lead to new therapeutic targets for patients with the cystic fibrosis, a research team has identified a defective signaling pathway that contributes to disease severity.

Cancer co-opts fat metabolism pathway

An enzyme that normally helps break down stored fats goes into overdrive in some cancer cells, making them more malignant, according to new findings.

Visual pathway for photophobia during migraines

Scientists have identified a new visual pathway that underlies sensitivity to light during migraine in both blind individuals and in individuals with normal eyesight.

Insight into pathway linked to obesity

A study provides insight on weight control, suggesting that a ATP-sensitive potassium channel critical to survival and stress adaptation can contribute to fat deposition and obesity.

Protein signalling pathway protects for life

A protein signalling pathway recently discovered to guide the formation of the skeleton in the foetus also keeps bones strong through adult life.

Discovery of molecular pathway of Alzheimer's disease reveals new drug targets

The discovery of the molecular pathway that drives the changes seen in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients is reported today, revealing new targets for drug discovery that could be exploited to combat the disease.

RNAi and DsiRNA: pathway, mechanism and design

Since its discovery, scientists have co-opted the RNAi mechanism as an experimental tool for studying the effects of gene silencing both in vitro and in vivo. Jaime Sabel and Hans Packer report

Potential pathway for drug intervention

A newly identified molecular pathway that directs stem cells to produce glial cells yields insights into the neurobiology of Down's syndrome and other disorders.

Cell pathway on overdrive prevents cancer response

Researchers have pinpointed a cellular pathway that determines whether cancerous tumours are susceptible to dietary restriction during their development.





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