Expanded range of medical packaging solutions

Vetter further expands secondary packaging - pharmaceutical service provider relies on expanded capacities, modular production and modern analytics

Serialisation module for pharmaceutical sector launched

Böwe Systec launches new serialisation module for the pharmaceutical industry

High quality sealing

For operation in the life science markets including pharmaceutical and medical packaging

Adeno-associated virus services for gene delivery

Adeno-associated viruses are single-stranded DNA viruses that can infect a broad range of cell types including dividing and non-dividing cells and are, therefore, widely used vehicles for gene delivery

FDA food contact approval for oil and grease resistant additive

PFOA-free additive provides high levels of oil, grease and water resistance to paper and board

Safer pharmaceutical packaging solutions

Bosch expands carton printing system portfolio for the serialization of pharmaceutical packaging

‘Poka-yoke’ packaging concept for medical device

Concept applies the Japanese principles of poka-yoke - which means ‘mistake-proofing’ - and aims to prevent human error

Proseal improves meatball and burger packaging

Three Proseal GT2 traysealers are helping to double packaging throughput for a range of beef burgers and meatballs at beef specialist Dovecote Park Ltd.

Porous polyethylene for pharmaceutical packaging

Delivers superior strength with reduced brittleness compared with standard polyethylene

Higher quality packaging for sliced meat

APET thermoformed trays from Færch Plast can either be sealed with lids or packed in sealed bags

Manufacturers and retailers drive global innovations in packaging

A global project on packaging sustainability is entering its pilot phase, as manufacturers focus on greater innovation. Sean Ottewell reports.

Robots offer vaccination packaging accuracy

When it comes to packaging life-saving and expensive pharmaceuticals, robots provide a precision that not only meets stringent safety guidelines but also improves efficiency. Claudia B Flisi reports.

Packaging: Shrink sleeves

Shrink sleeve demonstrate the highest growth rates of all label types. With these attractive, full body labels saturating the market you can't afford to get left behind.

Packaging: ColorMax Color Sensors from EMX, Industries

Verify the presence of targets that can be differentiated by color, faster and with greater control. A ColorMax-1000 colour sensor lets your machine see up to 15 colors and RGB intensity.

Packaging: Bottles & Containers

Custom-Pak builds special equipment for making containers with unusual specifications - including container designs that our competitors find too hard to mold.

Seminar addresses packaging issues

The Coated Foods Seminar hosted by equipment and packaging materials manufacturer CFS was an ideal platform for open innovation and the launch of strategic cooperation on taste, texture, and processing challenges in the coated foods sector.

Packaging and Shipping Workstation

The Durable Steel Frame Construction with Lower Crossmember offers adjustable-height overhead shelf for added surface space and storage.

Compact robotic handling the packaging of mushy peas

At the Derbyshire, UK, factory of Lockwoods, a manufacturer of frozen mushy peas with an annual throughput of 4000tonnes, Motoman robots have taken over packing of bags into cartons in one of two cells serving the palletising area, which itself was robotised in 1998.

Edible packaging made from food by-products reduces use of plastic

University of California food scientist Professor John Krochta has developed an edible food coating derived from the dairy by-product whey.

"Vertical, form, fill and seal packaging machine speeds throughput"

Eric Russell looks at the latest developments and product releases in the packaging and labelling arena.






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