Eco Friendly Packaged Pipette Tips

INTEGRA Viaflo has introduced Green Pack - an environmentally friendly version of its GripTips pipette tips for use with its range of electronic pipettes.

Gas mixtures help preserve the quality of packaged meats

Myra Armson discusses modified atmosphere packaging and how gas composition and protocol adherence can impact on the appearance and quality of packaged meats.

New material will keep packaged food and drink colder for longer

General Applications for Special Materials, is claiming it will change the food and drink packaging industry after developing an insulating material.

Study assesses potential impact of inks on packaged foodstuffs

Véronique Vernat, Janine Abjean, Murielle Blanc, Stéphane Papilloud and David Baudraz report on a research and development collaboration between an ink supplier and end user on the potential effects of ink on packed foods.



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