The importance of stability testing

Naomi Dunning-Foreman explains why stability testing is an essential step on the path to drug development

ICSE reflects pharma outsourcing growth

ICSE, in association with co-located events, is expected to draw over 25,000 attendees

The outsourcing boom grows for non-core pharma activities

There's no competitive advantage in submissions management, so why be dragged down by the process, asks Adam Sherlock. Let someone else do it ...

Adopting outsourcing to combat rising costs

Lengthy drug discovery times and the soaring costs of drug development – currently estimated at approximately US$800 million – are putting pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms under immense pressure.

Working together to get the best out of outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a bit of an adventure, an adventure of hope and expectation cloaked in fear and dread.

Is outsourcing really the way to control spiralling R&D budgets?

In 2000 the global pharmaceutical industry was estimated to have spent US$58billion on R&D, with around 40percent of this being devoted to clinical trials.

Successful outsourcing depends on careful selection of target markets

A new report suggests that the successful CROs of tomorrow willbe those that concentrate on the market areas that are witnessing cutting-edge research, focus on high growth categories such as mid-size pharma companies, and which strengthen client relationships through continuous improvement programmes.

Outsourcing drug target proteins and high-throughput screening

Early stages of drug discovery efforts are dependent on the identification and production of high-quality drug target proteins, the rapid screening of compound libraries against these targets, and the generation of preliminary absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) and toxicology data for the lead compounds. Alex Vodenlich reports.

Out-sourcing: how to benefit from experience and competence

Liselotte Larsson looks at the trend for the increased outsourcing of manufacturing biopharmaceuticals and outlines the reasons for this.

Contract research organisations: making the most of outsourcing

Contract research organisations (CROs) are evolving. No longer content with individual research projects, they are moving further into mainstream pharmaceutical activities. Sean Ottewell looksat recent developments and finds many CROs are reorganisingin anticipation of a blurring of differences between them and traditional pharmaceutical companies.

Biotechnolgy network for the outsourcing antigens and antibodies

Dagmar Schwertner looks at the work of the BioGenes Gesellschaft für Biopolymere mbH, which was founded in 1992 by two scientists Dr Alexander Knoll and Dr Sergej Ovodov. The company specialises in the development and production of customised immunoassays, antigens and antibodies for the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry.

Outsourcing Your Developmental Research

Andrew Gay, of Huntingdon Life Sciences, explains how the company operates within development research.





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