Liver transplant offers new option for rare cancer

Early results suggest significant improvements in survival for challenging bile duct cancer

Community hospitals offer a safe surgical option

Low-risk patients who require certain cancer surgeries can have the procedures performed with low operative mortality rates at community hospitals, according to a new study.

Medical study: Surgery still an option for lung cancer

A major study has found that surgery after standard chemotherapy and radiation can be an option for patients.

New Treatment option for chronic hepatitis C

A new combination therapy of daily consensus interferon and ribavirin is effective for some people with chronic hepatitis C who do not respond to standard therapy.

Ultra clean-in-place option accelerates processor cleaning between batches

Cleaning between product batches is now faster and easier with the new ultra clean-in-place system available as an option or retrofit for M-210, M-610 and M-700 series Microfluidics Microfluidizer processors.





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