Advances in reference and transmission flats

Precision reference and transmission optical flats with high surface accuracy are now available from Optical Surfaces

Optics of soap bubbles

May help us understand the mechanics of immune cells and cancer

Optical module enables ultra high speed UV imaging

Resolve Optics has supplied a high performance 8-channel optical module to Specialised Imaging (Tring, UK) to enable researchers to undertake UV imaging experiments at ultra high speed using their SIM ultra high-speed framing camera.

5D optical memory in quartz glass could record the last evidence of civilisation

Using nanostructured glass, scientists at the University of Southampton have, for the first time, experimentally demonstrated the recording and retrieval processes of five dimensional digital data by femtosecond laser writing.

Ocean Optics Spectrometer Detects Liquid Contraband

The spectrometers have been integrated into demo units of the AY01-01 Rapid Liquid Contraband Detector which uses Raman spectrometry to detect a number of liquid and crystal contraband substances.

Ocean Optics' NIRQuest Spectrometer

NIRQuest from Ocean Optics is a fibre optic near-infrared spectrometer easily adaptable for cost-effective on-line process control measurements from 900-2500 nm.

New high-throughput spectrometers from Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics has expanded its Elite Series of high-performance modular spectrometers with the introduction of the Ventana line of high throughput spectrometers.

Portable spectrometer from Ocean Optics ideal for field applications

The Jaz spectrometer from Ocean Optics is a handheld, field-portable analytical instrument that combines low-power optical sensing and onboard computing power for custom applications ranging from chlorophyll analysis in leaves and plants to solar irradiance measurements and ozone monitoring.

Monolithic focusing optics for single emitter diode lasers

Dortmund-based LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH is far from being a greenhorn when it comes to blue laser light. The new trend is towards single emitter diode lasers which, due to higher outputs of up to 1-2 W, are becoming increasingly popular in lithographicy, the structuring of flat panel displays and in measuring technology.





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