High precision astronomical optics

Astronomical optics combines precisely machined lenses and mirrors to reduce any image distortion, and highly sensitive sensors to detect low levels of light

High precision custom beamsplitters

In optical systems, beamsplitters play a key role in dividing, recombining, and managing the directions of multiple beam paths

Lenses wide field imager

Optical Surfaces to manufacture and supply an 160 mm diameter field lens and a collimator lens assembly

High precision telescope spectrograph optics

Spectrograph can show valuable information from the spectral distribution of light from a distant astronomical object

Laser debris shields

Debris shields help prevent damage to the focusing optics in laser beam delivery systems caused by dust, shrapnel and fragments originating from the target during laser processing

High precision grisms for space mission to map the dark universe

Optical Surfaces Ltd has polished substrates to manufacture the high precision grisms that lie at the heart of a near infrared spectrophotometer designed to perform red shift measurements in forthcoming space mission

High precision spherical mirrors

High precision spherical mirrors are used in a variety of applications, including, observatory spectrographs and bubble chambers

Active isolation renders reflective collimators portable

Optical Surfaces Ltd has introduced a new option for its range of fully enclosed, pre-aligned reflective collimators

Beamsplitter/compensator optics

Optical Surfaces to supply ultra high precision matched beamsplitter/compensator optics for interferometer





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