Advances in reference and transmission flats

Precision reference and transmission optical flats with high surface accuracy are now available from Optical Surfaces

Challenging aspheric lenses for nuclear research

Ultra-fast focusing 370mm diameter aspheric lenses for the Orion petawatt laser research facility

Ultra-smooth mirrors enhance laser power density

Optical Surfaces reports on how high-power laser groups are benefiting from its ultra-smooth off-axis parabolic mirrors

Athermalised beam expanders

Optical Surfaces introduces beam expanders for challenging applications

Off-axis mirrors for intense laser interaction studies

Optical Surfaces receives order for three off-axis parabolic mirrors

Fast focusing on-axis parabolic mirrors

The effective f-number that can be achieved is lower therefore more energy can be concentrated

Variable focus motorised beam expanders

An off-axis reflective beam expander greatly reduces the blind zone of LIDAR systems

Precision etalon plates for Fabry Perot-interferometers

Designed for use at customer-defined wavelengths within the range 190nm to about 2 microns

Aspheric parabolic mirrors

Fast focusing parabolic mirrors and aspheric lenses





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