New reference standards in optical metrology

Olympus LEXT OLS4000 becomes reference for imaging confocal microscopy in metrology

Raman optical activity offers molecular structural information

Honggang Li and Laurence A Nafie look at how new developments in instrumentation, raman optical activity has been applied to the absolute configuration of small chiral molecules

Optical emission spectrometer offers better detection

Integrated diagnostics facility continuously monitors, archives and displays the operational status

Small optical force can budge nanoscale objects

Researchers have used a very tiny beam of light with as little as 1 milliwatt of power to move a silicon structure up to 12 nanometres.

Nanolaser key to optical computers

Because the new device, called a 'spaser,' is the first of its kind to emit visible light, it represents a critical component for possible future technologies based on 'nanophotonic' circuitry.

Lab equipment: Integrated optical trap holds particles

A new type of optical particle trap can be used to manipulate bacteria, viruses and other particles on a chip as part of an integrated optofluidic platform.

Non-linear optical materials hold promise for better imaging

When photographers zoom in on an object to see it better, they lose the wide-angle perspective - they are forced to trade off 'big picture' context for detail.

Computerised control of optical components

The analy-SIS bx and ix control modules are an asset to support microscopy on the BX61 and IX 81.

Optical backplanes shine in the race for faster data transmission

Developments are matching needs on today's communications equipment backplanes as manufacturers move towards optical technology and fibre replaces copper. This move is being driven principally by the need to fit more traffic onto communications systems. Eric Russell reports.

Development in high-speed optical transmission systems

Even in the current economic downturn, the internet continues to experience exponential growth in data traffic. In order to accommodate and promote this growth we need not just higher capacity systems but ones that significantly reduced acost-per-bit-transmitted'. Harry J R Dutton and Andros Payne report.

Scientists view the atomic structure of the crystal under the optical microscope

Scientists have analysed the microscopic structure of widely used crystal materials for the first time to reveal their detailed atomic properties.





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