Online process refractometer supplement laboratory analysis

The process refractometer of the PMD700 series enables precise monitoring of the concentration in real time with an accuracy of up to 0.2g/l

Online database to accelerate protein analysis

ETH Zurich develops the first proteomics MRM atlas with QTRAP Technology from AB SCIEX

Mass spec certified vials presentation online

Following the recent launch of the industry's first pre-cleaned chromatography vials - the National Scientific MS certified vials - data demonstrating the effectiveness of pre-cleaning was presented in this poster at HPLC 2010.

New online in vitro diagnostic resource

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced a new online resource to offer detailed information about the Thermo Scientific Nalgene and Nunc OEM diagnostic product offering.

Online library for freeze drying and lyophilisation

SP Industries has announced a new online library of technical articles covering many topics of interest to anyone involved in freeze drying or lyophilisation.

Online bioreactor sampling

YSI Life Sciences and Groton Biosystems have collaborated to produce the 2700 ARS and 7100 ARS automated online biochemistry analysers, available in the UK from Analytical Technologies.

On-line analysis aids solvent recovery in pharmaceuticals

Perhaps the strongest commercial argument for recovering and reusing solvents is the direct cost savings. In some processes, with intensive solvent use, the cost of the solvent can be a significant proportion of the overall product cost.

"cleanroom market bouncing back faster than originally predicted, says online forecast"

In February, the McIlvaine 2006 world forecast for cleanroom hardware and consumables was$9.1 billion.

Electronic noses: Advances as online operating decision tools

Sensor array instrumentation is well known using the term aelectronic noses' for a couple of years. The basic idea is simple: using a combination of sensors a gas mixture is analysed and classified. The special attractiveness of the technology is the ability to quickly classify a sample without having a time consuming and expensive lab procedure. Data analysis and classification (agood' or abad') takes place instantly.

Online logistics delivery service helps speed up clinical trials

Sally Bullock reports on an innovative web-based delivery service aimed at speeding up the time-consuming and expensive process of clinical trials.

Online logistics cuts time and cost involved with clinical trial shipping

As contract research organisations become increasingly involved with clinical trials, their logistics take on a new importance.A newly-launched initiative aims to reduce both the time andcost involved in this biomedical transport.

On-line preparation techniques for plasma and in vitro sampling

The development of, and the need for, faster drug discovery techniques in a highly competitive pharmaceutical industry has resulted in ever increasing numbers of pre-clinical biological samples to be analysed. By Dr Denise Wailwroth.





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