Liquid biopsy kit

Liquid biopsy is one of the fastest developing areas in this field, with a huge potential to change diagnostic medicine

Understanding of predictive models in oncology

Industry leaders will discuss use of Patient-Derived Xenograft models to help accelerate oncology drug discovery

Optimise drug screening processes

Crown Bioscience to showcase progression in human surrogate trials at the 50th ASCO Annual Meeting

Curie-Cancer and Sanofi cooperate in research on ovarian cancer

Sanofi and the Curie Institute, through its Curie-Cancer partnership under the Institut Carnot label, have announced the establishment of a three-year research collaboration to identify new therapeutic targets for the development of treatments for ovarian cancer.

European multidisciplinary conference in thoracic oncology

New data presented at EMCTO showed that first-line therapy with gefitinib (IRESSATM) in Caucasian patients with EGFR mutation-positive advanced NSCLC resulted in an ORR of 70% (95% CI 61-78)

Oncology research and development

PRECOS launch portfolio of techniques and models of acquired resistance to targeted agents and standards of care used in oncology at AACR Annual Meeting 2013

Next generation warheads in antibody drug conjugates

Spirogen and BioAtla present positive data on next-generation warheads in ADCs against cancer

Pharmacology: Integrated oncology drug discovery services

BioFocus DPI and Oncodesign announced today that they have joined forces to offer a comprehensive oncology drug discovery service.

Benefit from a brand new oncology stream introduced in Barcelona

With the government trying to cut down costs on health spending, market access for oncology therapeutics is becoming more complicated and difficult. On the other hand, oncology medications, which are usually considered to be especially innovative, are increasing in demand.

Market Access Oncology Forum

Fleming Europe has organised its 2nd Annual MARKET ACCESS ONCOLOGY FORUM taking place from 16 – 17 October 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. 20 expert speakers from pharma companies will bring their valuable insights into the health care policy developments where the oncology market is maturing and access is increasingly restricted.





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