Latex kit offers improved workflow

The new Thermo Scientific PathoDxtra Strep Grouping Kit offers a faster strep grouping solution than traditional methods

New research offers breakthrough in nanotechnology

It is possible to effectively and quickly control single nano-structures made of as small as 105-106 atoms

Liver transplant offers new option for rare cancer

Early results suggest significant improvements in survival for challenging bile duct cancer

Microarray scanner offers greater sensitivity

Researchers can continuously load microarray slides while the instrument is operating

Collection of 53 tumour models offers full range of characterisation

Oncodesign offers 'world’s most comprehensive collection' of patient-derived colorectal tumour models

Ceramic speech valve offers new hope to throat cancer patients

Morgan Technical Ceramics and Avoco Medical Ltd working on on a pioneering speech-restoration project

Microplate reader offers environmental control for cell-based applications

Ensures greater biological relevance for a wide range of studies, by allowing assays to be performed under hypoxic or physiological conditions

Raman optical activity offers molecular structural information

Honggang Li and Laurence A Nafie look at how new developments in instrumentation, raman optical activity has been applied to the absolute configuration of small chiral molecules

LIMS offers manufacturers workflow efficiency benefits and quantifiable savings

Two Fold Software develops specialist Laboratory Information Management System application software that offers manufacturers work flow efficiencies and quantifiable business benefits

Optical emission spectrometer offers better detection

Integrated diagnostics facility continuously monitors, archives and displays the operational status

Universal HPLC Detector Offers near Nanogram Sensitivity

Available from Dorton Analytical the ultra-sensitive, universal Nano Quantity Analyte Detector presents a major advancement in high performance liquid chromatography detection capability.

Viral protein structure study offers HIV hope

The UK's National Physical Laboratory is involved in a collaborative project that is helping to further the understanding of HIV viral protein structure which could lead to new molecular medicines.

VCD offers a novel route to absolute chirality determination

Hiroshi Izumi, Atsushi Ogata, Laurence A Nafie and Rina K Dukor look at determination of absolute configuration of chiral molecules by vibrational circular dichroism.

Conveyor offers reliable performance

Fortress Technology latest Vector Integrated Conveyor System which has been recently enhanced to meet new supermarket retailer standards.

Brain study offers insight into autism

Scientists are a step closer to understanding how abnormalities in brain development might lead to autism and behavioural disorders.

Blood protein offers help against anaemia

A new study shows that a protein found in blood alleviates anaemia, a condition in which the body's tissues don't get enough oxygen from the blood.

Lab equipment: Tango offers powerful heating and cooling

Radleys have announced the launch of the new Huber Petite Fleur or baby Tango, a new entry level Unistat thermoregulator for applications in the mid-range -40˚C to 200˚C.

Biotechnology offers glimpse at immune system development

Children born without thymus glands have given Duke University Medical Center researchers a rare opportunity to watch as a new immune system develops its population of infection-fighting T-cells.

Stem cell protein offers a new cancer target

LIN28, a protein abundant in embryonic stem cells, is now shown to be important in cancer, and offers a possible new target for drug development, report researchers.

Implantable device offers continuous cancer monitoring

Surgical removal of a tissue sample is now the standard for diagnosing cancer. Such procedures, known as biopsies, are accurate but only offer a snapshot of the tumour at a single moment in time.






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