Automating library preparation

Tecan launches NGS DreamPrep; the innovative new solution sets out to deliver unprecedented speed and accuracy for automated library preparation

Whole genome MLST analysis

A universal typing approach for bacteria with many advantages. By Katrien De Bruyne, Bruno Pot & Hannes Pouseele

Biomedical Big Data company launches new solution

Genalice releases first all-in-one DNA data processing solution with true population power

DNA clean-up solution

MagSi-NGSPREP supports all standard DNA clean-up protocols encountered during Next-Gen library preparation

Upgraded version next-generation sequencing software

GENALICE has announced the scheduled release of an upgraded version of its Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) DNA data processing software solution GENALICE MAP.

Personalised medicine drives next-generation sequencing

Future of DNA sequencing will shift from a laboratory-based setup to point of care testing in the next five years




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