Better cultivation – making the most of stem cell research

Stem cell research continues to advance on many levels, particularly in terms of novel cultivation strategies. In the US, however, developments are still being hampered by an ongoing debate over the use of embryonic stem cells in fundamental research. Sean Ottwell reports.

Boosting productivity and cost-efficiency – when

Globalisation of food supply and distribution has increased the demand for evidence of product safety and quality.

Undertaking research in other countries – the ethical challenges

There are many reasons for scientists to undertake research with colleagues in other countries.

Standard file formats – taking mass spectrometry a step forward

Standard file formats are critical when immediate and easy access to a range of raw instrument data is required.

Looking at live cells in the laboratory – the image solutions

Formed in 1993 by owner and MD Ian Corless, Image Solutions has carved a niche for itself as a consultancy capable of putting together the type of imaging packages demanded by cutting-edge researchers: particularly those who work with live cells.





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