Plants use latex to harm and heal

Plants use natural latex in different ways, to help poison insects or rapidly heal wounds, a new study has found.

New hypothesis for human evolution, nature

A paleoanthropologist argues that the human-animal connection goes well beyond simple affection and proposes that the interdependency of ancestral humans with other animal species played a crucial and beneficial role in human evolution.

Seeing the hidden services of nature

Following an intense study of agricultural ecosystems near Montreal, a new tool that enables the simultaneous analysis and management of a wide range of ecological services has been developed by scientists.

New pondlife on nature reserve discovered

One year in to a project to save one of the UK's top sites for pondlife, amazing new species are being revealed for the first time.

New epigenetic model blurs nature or nurture debate

Recent research complicates the debate over whether nature or nurture plays the most important role in complex diseases such as psychiatric disorders, heart disease, and cancer.

Phytochemicals: how to use nature to reap maximum health benefits?

Although phytochemicals are not classified as nutrients, defined as substances necessary for sustaining life, they have been identified as containing properties for helping in disease prevention. Eric Russell reports.





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