Frutarom boosts production of natural cosmetic

Frutarom, Israel, expanded its new, environment-friendly algae plant in the Negev desert to answer increasing demands for Alguard, the company’s natural and sustainable “skin-active shield” ingredient derived from red microalgae polysaccharides.

Natural products drug discovery symposium announced

Groundbreaking research into the development of new medicines from the earth’s natural resources will be the focus of a symposium in March, hosted by the University of Aberdeen.

New technique makes artificial bones more natural

Procedure for the fabrication of artificial bone structures by combining sponge replica and electrospinning methods

Natural flavours are key for ingredients growth

The Chinese monk fruit, low-sodium salt, natural flavours for coffees and new flours are among the latest novel ingredients to grace the marketplace

Overcoming anthrax's natural defences

Army scientists have discovered a way to "trick" the bacterium that causes anthrax into shedding its protective covering, making it easier for the body's immune system to mount a defence.

A natural fruit compound may help asthma

Researchers found a compound from a New Zealand blackcurrant may reduce lung inflammation with a multi-action assault in allergy-induced asthma.

Natural pest control saves coffee berry

There is good news for coffee lovers and growers worldwide: A predator for the devastating coffee berry borer has just been discovered in Africa.

Past periods linked to natural climate drivers

Intervals of regional warmth and cold in the past are linked to the El Nino phenomenon and the so-called "North Atlantic Oscillation" in the Northern hemisphere's jet stream, according to a team of climate scientists.

Demand drives advances in natural savoury and sweet flavourings

Major manufacturers continue to invest heavily in savoury and sweet flavourings as demand for natural products grows. Sean Ottewell reports.

20th century warming is unlike natural variation

The possibility that climate change might simply be a natural variation like others that have occurred throughout geologic time is dimming, according to evidence.

Small molecules mimic natural gene regulators

In the quest for new approaches to treating and preventing disease, one appealing route involves turning genes on or off at will, directly intervening in ailments such as cancer and diabetes, which result when genes fail to turn on and off as they should.

Natural Lycopene Wins EU Approval

Following approval by the European Commission, Lyc-O-Mato, natural lycopene complex, has been cleared for marketing in the EU as a novel food ingredient for lycopene fortification.

Natural pasturisation process cuts contamination

Dr Cameon Ivarsson looks at rapid low temperature processes that are effective at decontamination without cooking the product.

Natural cancer biomarker

Excess amounts of a naturally fluorescent molecule found in all living cells could serve as a natural biomarker for cancer, according to bioengineers.

Overcoming the complexity of monitoring natural produce

As consumers become more concerned with quality, the amount of research is increasing into product authenticity to assure buyers that beverages contain the ingredients they are expecting. Eric Russell reports.

Natural fruit juices provide alternative to reformed fruit pieces

All the way from California, Berry Blasters, from J O Sims, are the result of five years' R&D into creating a real fruit ingredient using a raisin base.

Natural sterol esters

Cognis Nutrition & Health has announced it is to market its natural sterol esters under the brandname Vegapure.

Natural specialty rich in bell pepper character

Flavour ingredients specialist, Treatt plc, has developed Treattazine, a new natural specialty rich in bell pepper character. This product offers flavourists fresh opportunities for creativity in many savoury applications.

Synethetics hold off challenge from natural food antioxidants

Growing consumer interest in natural food ingredients and their tendency to label watch in an attempt to avoid synthetic products which they perceive as unsafe, has driven the use of more expensive natural food antioxidants.

Natural potato fibre ingredient PIC attached

In recent years, potato fibre has been much appreciated in many foodstuff applications, most of all its ability to bind water and fat. Other positive properties are simplified handling and improved structure of the foodstuff.

Depending on treatment the potato fibre can hold 10­25 times its own weight of liquid.






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