New benchtop CT preclinical scanner

MR Solutions shows new benchtop CT preclinical scanner with clip-on PET and SPECT at nuclear medicine congress

World’s only cryogen-free hybrid PET-MRI system

MR Solutions uses industry event to showcase the world’s only cryogen free hybrid PET-MRI system

First MRI system for Hawaii

MR Solutions installs Hawaii's first preclinical MRI imaging system

Continuous PET detection system launched

MR Solutions introduces a continuous PET detection system to provide better imaging

Gradient coil upgrade service

MR Solutions launches a gradient coil upgrade service for MRI systems

Advanced spectrometer launched

MR Solutions launches advanced spectrometer for clinical MRI manufacturers

Cryogen-free MRI imaging systems

3T to 7T preclinical MRI imaging system features cryogen-free superconducting magnet technology which eliminates the need for liquid helium

3D, 1000 X magnification imaging modality for preclinical research

New scanning technique will be particularly valuable to researchers tackling the complexities of translational medicine

Maintenance and upgrade support for preclinical scanners

MR Solutions now provides maintenance and upgrade support for preclinical scanners, including those from Agilent

Examining interior of sedated animal down to cellular level

Facilitates optical microscopy of small animal subjects for preclinical research without having to carry out a dissection

Preclinical imaging system

Scanning system which has the ability to operate at various clinical field strengths allowing easy translation of the researchers’ applications to the clinic

First installations of latest MRI magnet technology

MR Solutions announces the first installations of its second generation cryogen free magnet technology for preclinical MRI





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