Monitoring laboratory instrument calibration

Helps ensure only properly calibrated and maintained instruments are available for use

Smarter steps to compliance

Regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical industry is notoriously difficult and the strict nature of the industry doesn’t seem to be changing. Martyn Williams explains the steps pharmaceutical manufacturers can take on the road to compliance

Non-invasive cancer diagnosis and monitoring

EKF Molecular and Massachusetts General Hospital announce circulating tumour cell clinical research collaboration

Best practices for blood banking

Maurizio Merli and Joe Arteaga examine best practice considerations for successful blood banking and look at innovations in some of the instrumentation involved in the processing, tracing, storage, and monitoring of blood

Cherwell highlights products for environmental monitoring and process validation

Cherwell Laboratories, experts in environmental monitoring and process validation will be demonstrating their comprehensive product range at the NHS Pharmaceutical QA Symposium for Technical Services on 24th & 25th September 2013.

Versatile, low-cost totalising flowmeter

Titan Enterprises has announced a new version of its Metra-Sum - a low-cost, battery powered, totalising flowmeter for monitoring the delivery of almost any type of liquid.

Advanced blood glucose monitoring

CEGA Air Ambulance has recently upgraded its blood glucose monitoring system to use the advanced Accu-Chek Inform II test strips from Roche. Ensuring accurate and reliable results across a wide range of glucose levels, these easy to use blood glucose test strips provide the performance criteria necessary for monitoring critically ill patients prior to, during and after emergency flight transfers.

Optimising cell cultures, monitoring and standardising manufacturing processes

Cell culture media samples can be rapidly analysed to provide unequivocal results

Monitoring hydrogen sulphide in bottled water products

Hydrogen sulphide should not be detectable in drinking water by either taste or odour. Michael Strahand reports

In-line process monitoring system

SpectroSens optical microchip sensor system improves efficiency and QC

Greater environmental protection from monitoring lower levels of contaminants

Next generation calibration gas mixtures are essential to enable new air quality analysis technologies. Stephen Harrison reports.

Non-intrusive pH monitoring

Proprietary sol gel coating materials developed by Ocean Optics have enabled new technology for convenient monitoring of samples.

Monitoring Peatland from Earth and Space

The team of scientists used a combination of images captured from Earth and space to measure spatial patterning in peatland surfaces as an indicator of their condition.

New solution for monitoring cryptic species

Ecologists have at last worked out a way of using recordings of birdsong to accurately measure the size of bird populations.

Monitoring oxidative stress in cancer

It stands to reason that cancer should respond to treatment with antioxidants, which inhibit the rogue radicals, or with pro-oxidants, which go the opposite direction, increasing "oxidative stress" on cancer cells to the point of vanquishing them.

Biotechnology: Influenza monitoring by the US military

Researchers describe a program that has repeatedly made notable contributions to global influenza control through close collaboration with CDC, FDA, the WHO, and many other partners.

Lab equipment: Reliable product temperature monitoring

Providing repeatable and accurate placement of a product thermocouple in a vial or bottle - the Virtis MVP Probe System is a proven freeze drying accessory designed to ensure reliable product temperature monitoring.

Continuous glucose monitoring technology

Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices represent a critical step toward achieving automated glucose measurement, offering people with diabetes a promising new tool for maintaining optimal glucose control.

Implantable device offers continuous cancer monitoring

Surgical removal of a tissue sample is now the standard for diagnosing cancer. Such procedures, known as biopsies, are accurate but only offer a snapshot of the tumour at a single moment in time.

Integrating building management and environmental monitoring

The control and monitoring of both storage and production environments is becoming increasingly important for the pharmaceutical industry.






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