Mixing and sub-micron degassing in 20 litre quantities

Areas of use for the Thinky ARV-10K include pharmaceutical formulation

High volume microplates

24-well plates are constructed of high grade, low extractable polypropylene

Jacketed reaction vessel offers precise control

The new ReactoMate Pilot jacketed reaction vessel, from Asynt, offers precise control of reaction variables, a powerful direct drive overhead stirrer and excellent reaction visibility even with the vacuum jacket option.

Ultrasonics: a sound mixing technology

When liquid mixing, dispersing or homogenising is required in the lab, people tend to think of rotary mixers, although this traditional technology has limitations.

Reactors with ultimate mixing performance offer simpler scale-up

Asynt Ltd. in conjunction with Innovative Physical Organic Solutions (IPOS), a research group based within the University of Huddersfield, UK, have cooperated over the last 2 years to develop a new generation of chemical reactor.





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