Product thermal characterisation using freeze drying microscopy

Webinar will introduce participants to the components of a freeze drying microscope

Potential leap forward in electron microscopy

MIT electrical engineers have proposed a new scheme that can overcome a critical limitation of high-resolution electron microscopes: they cannot be used to image living cells because the electrons destroy the samples.

Microscopy: EnviroScope atomic force microscope

The EnviroScope atomic force microscope combines modular environmental controls, a sealed hermetic sample chamber, and a wide range of imaging modes.

New frontier of modern light microscopy

A team of researchers has rendered three-dimensional images through at least six millimeters of tissue, allowing whole-body visualization of adult zebra fish.

Software-controlled microscopy

Software-controlled microscopy is the catchphrase. New technologies and the opportunities offered by them have changed the way people work at the microscope and the entire world of the laboratory. Dr Manfred Kässens reports.

Enabling confocal microscopy

Bio-Rad latest confocal systems CellMap ID and CellMap IC are the first two models in a family of products designed to produce high quality confocal images at an affordable price for individual laboratories.

Monochrome microscope camera for fluorescence microscopy

Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH has further extended its range of high-grade digital microscope cameras.

Network remote control tailors to the need of light microscopy users

Dr Manfred Kässons looks at a new package which provides network remote control for light microscopy applications.

ft-ir microscopy can help identify hit-and-run vehicles

For many applications in the areas of forensics, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and semiconductor development it is essential to analyse two-dimensional samples by infrared (IR) spectroscopy with high spatial resolution.






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