New microplates added to established range

Expanded range of automation friendly cell growth microplates

Better protection for microplates

Impact support mats protect microplates during centrifugation

Microplate products for drug discovery

Automation-friendly system offers the versatility to be able to productively remove solvent from a wide range of sample formats

Single analysis platform

Streamlines workflows, reduce costs, and lower maintenance efforts

Required reading

Louise Smyth reports on the latest developments in microplates and microplate readers

PCR plates are made from polypropylene for extra rigidity

Plates are compatible with the majority of 96- and 384-well block PCR and sequencing instruments

Microplate handling

Engineering the future of microplate handling instruments. By Tom Ackrill

Sample preparation for LC/MS

Nitrogen blowdown evaporators can assist by evaporating solvent to increase concentration thereby increasing sensitivity

Twin head blowdown evaporator

Porvair Sciences has announced the MiniVap Gemini - an all new entry-level product designed to remove the solvent from two microplates simultaneously

Compact all-in-one multiple format mixer

Porvair Sciences has introduced the Co-Mix - an accurate, reliable, compact and simple-to-use multi-format mixer.

Novel microplate design improves assay performance

To address performance limiting well-to-well crosstalk inherent in most assay plates – Porvair Sciences has developed the Krystal 2000 microplate range.

Fast access to high microplate sample integrity

Porvair Sciences has launched a new online service providing organisations with easy access to next day delivery on competitively priced, high performance microplate thermal seals.

Chromatrap enriches epigenetic marks from primary cells

A new application note from Porvair Sciences details a protocol for its Chromatrap® ChIP assay kit that has been developed to enrich epigenetic marks from primary human tissue cells.

Ultra-flat glass bottom plates optimise imaging of growing cells

Porvair Sciences new generation Krystal™ glass bottom plates are precision manufactured using a proprietary process resulting in excellent light transmission and an ultra-flat optical plane (+/- 15µm) making them perfect for imaging growing cells.

Reference guide to microplate chemical compatibility

Porvair Sciences has announced a new version of its Chemical Compatibility Chart that provides an easy-to-use reference guide detailing the chemical resistance of membranes and matrices used in microplates to a wide range of common laboratory chemicals.

Porvair Announces New Tissue Culture Treated Microplates

Porvair Sciences has expanded its range of tissue culture treated clear bottomed microplates. Now available in 6-, 12-, 24- and 96-well formats - the bottom surface of Porvair tissue culture treated microplates is treated to enhance cellular attachment and growth in uniform layers.

Glass bottom microplates for imaging applications

Porvair Krystal glass bottom plate range demonstrate higher performance than standard polystyrene plates

Clear-bottomed microplates

New technical literature is now available describing Porvair Science's range of Krystal clear-bottomed microplates.

Untreated microplates for growing cells in suspension

Porvair Sciences has announced a new range of 12-, 24-, 48- and 96 well format untreated polystyrene culture microplates for growing cells in stationary suspension or other applications where reduced cell attachment is desired.





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