Recapping large format sample storage tubes effectively

Address the need of research laboratories for solution to recap sample storage tubes securely and uniformly, ensuring an optimal sealing performance

Storage of fresh frozen tissue samples

Micronic releases secure 1.00ml and 3.50ml tubes with external thread

Low volume storage tube for genomic applications

Micronic launches the 0.30ml tube with external thread that enables miniaturisation of reaction volume required in genomic applications

Sample storage tubes

In addition to care of women and women’s cancer research, samples are used for educational, diagnostics and validation of diagnostic tests

Secure preservation of gynaecological cell samples

2D coded sample storage tubes and sample handling equipment provides traceable, high integrity storage of gynaecological cell samples

Storage tubes with external thread ensure sample integrity

Micronic releases the new 0.75ml and 1.40ml tubes; two sizes are the first in a range of new designs featuring an external thread

Secure post-analytical sealing of sample collection tubes

Solution for the secure short-term sealing of 13mm diameter sample collection tubes stored in a 50-well format

Screw cap tube recapper accelerates sample storage process

The decapper offers users the ability to cap, decap or recap 96 tubes with Screw Caps in a single action

Storage packs provide secure sample logistics

Micronic has introduced a new range of Sample Storage Starter Packs that enable labs to start securely sealing and storing up to 4,000 samples

Extractables-free sample storage tubes

The possibility of extractables being leached out of polypropylene tubes by aqueous or organic solvents is a major concern

Productive screw cap tube recapper

Latest product from Micronic allows users to cap or decap eight tubes in a single action

Enhanced tube code reading software

Software is easy to install, gives reliable code readings and can be smoothly integrated into any laboratory sample database

Traceable sample storage

Ultra-pure polypropylene ensures that the storage tubes are compliant with USP Class 6 and European Pharmacopeia tests

Automated decapping/capping of screw cap tubes

Screw Cap DeCapper is an provides automated decapping/capping of screw cap storage tubes in 96-tube racks in portrait or landscape formats

Lightweight modular chest freezer rack

The lightweight modular storage system fits into all chest freezers and is fully compatible with all ANSI/SLAS standard footprint storage racks

Automation-friendly tubes

Micronic releases secure 1.00ml and 3.50ml tubes with external thread

Traceable tissue storage solution

Micronic has launched a new externally threaded 3.00ml tube that provides a fully traceable storage solution for tissue samples

Short term storage of blood or urine samples

Micronic has introduced a post-analytical capping solution for sample collection tubes containing blood or urine that require secure storage for several days in case additional tests need to be done

2D barcode scanner for frozen samples

Micronic has announced a further addition to its ‘blue-white’ Tracxer Code Reader line





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