Microfluidic palette may paint clearer picture

Researchers have created an innovative device called the microfluidic palette to produce multiple, steady-state chemical gradients in a miniature chamber about the diameter of a pinhead.

Glass Microfluidic Device

Dolomite has introduced the 1ml Microreactor Chip, a glass microfluidic device designed for the mixing and reacting of two or three liquid reagent streams.

On-Board Valves in Microfluidic Devices

ALine's advanced fabrication process addresses the need for low dead-volume, self-contained assay platforms that permit the development and scale-up of sophisticated Lab-on-a-Chip devices.

Integrated microfluidic assay system procedures

Available from Tecan Europe the LabCD reduces all of the requisite steps for a wide variety of separation and assay procedures from a macro to a micro scale integrating them into a single low-cost disposable device.




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