Practical guide to clinical anaerobic microbiology now available

Anaerobic microbiology specialist, Don Whitley Scientific (DWS) has launched a new publication ‘An Introduction to Clinical Anaerobic Microbiology’. This guide enables the reader to isolate and identify 12 commonly occurring clinically important anaerobic bacteria

Metagenomics has potential to transform modern microbiology

The emerging field of metagenomics, where the DNA of entire communities of microbes is studied simultaneously, presents the greatest opportunity – perhaps since the invention of the microscope – to revolutionise understanding of the microbial world, says a new report from the US National Research Council (NRC).

Syphilis diagnostic test ato ease microbiology laboratory workload'

One of the UK Government's goals for improving the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infection (STI) is to reduce waiting time.

Taking the impedance technique approach to real-time microbiology

Real-time microbiology, just more jargon or does it really offer benefits to the microbiologist? Dr Peter Silley reports.





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