Direct clearance method for LDL cholesterol

Elevated levels of LDL cholesterol constitute a major risk factor for coronary heart disease. Treatment decisions are often based on LDL levels as such accurate determination is paramount. Randox has developed a highly specific and accurate direct method to overcome issues with traditional methods of LDL determination

Rapid culture method identifies Salmonella species in duck eggs

Delivers dependable analytical results in just two days, which is up to three days faster than conventional Salmonella culture methods

Cancer screening method should be changed

Cervical cancer screening intervals could be extended to five years for women aged 30 and over if the primary screening method was human papillomavirus testing.

New computational method to uncover gene regulation

Scientists have developed a new computational model to uncover gene regulation, the key to how our body develops - and how it can go wrong.

Faster method to detect bacterial contamination

Engineers have sped up the process of analysing bacterial concentrations to under one hour, through the development of a new in-field, rapid-detection method.

Key enzyme unlocked using 'cool' method

A team of scientists - using a new cooling method they created - has uncovered the inner workings of a key iron-containing enzyme, a discovery that could help researchers develop new medicines or understand how enzymes repair DNA.

Method to objectively identify PTSD

Researchers at the University of Minnesota and Minneapolis VA Medical Center have identified a biological marker in the brains of those exhibiting post-traumatic stress disorder.

Faster, cheaper DNA sequencing method

Biomedical engineers have devised a method for making future genome sequencing faster and cheaper by dramatically reducing the amount of DNA required.

Novel method for detecting MIRCERA

Austrian researchers have successfully developed a new electrophoretic method for detecting MIRCERA and other erythropoietins in the blood.

New hydrogen-storage method discovered

Scientists at the Carnegie Institution have found for the first time that high pressure can be used to make a unique hydrogen-storage material.

Decentralised method of opening and closing of valves automatically

Improved process valve control techniques and enhanced monitoring are vital to energy and waste reduction in food and beverage plants.

Insecticide-free method for control of soybean aphids

Two Iowa State University researchers are examining a new method of controlling soybean aphids without the use of chemical pesticides.

Promising new method for HIV testing

A new technique that detects the HIV virus early and monitors its development without requiring refrigeration may make AIDS testing more accessible in sub-Saharan Africa.

Medical method reduces fracture pain

Vesselplasty, a new minimally invasive procedure, increases mobility and reduces pain and the need for pain killers in patients with vertebral compression fractures.

New mass spectrometric method

Researchers have developed a new method to quickly and reliably detect metabolites, such as sugars, fatty acids, amino acids and other organic substances from plant or animal tissue samples.

microRNA data analysis method gives sharper genetics results

Our understanding of the importance of microRNAs in regulating gene expression is expanding, and with it our requirement for robust methods to measure their expression levels.

New protein folding method

A new method to induce protein folding by taking the pressure off of proteins is up to 100 times faster than previous methods, and could help guide more accurate computer simulations for how complex proteins fold.

Powerful method of suppressing errors

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have demonstrated a technique for efficiently suppressing errors in quantum computers, making it easier to build useful versions.

New method for isolating harmful chemicals

Scientists studying how marine bacteria move have discovered that a sharp variation in water current segregates right-handed bacteria from their left-handed brethren, impelling the microbes in opposite directions.

Flexible platform and simple method for sample purification

PickPen magnetic particle technology from Bio-Nobile Oy offers improvements to the conventional magnetic bioseparation.






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