Membrane filtration for dairy industry

DSS is a supplier of membrane filtration technology to the global dairy industry. Since the company was established in 2000, more than 500 membrane filtration systems for various applications have been supplied to most parts of the world. A fundamental part of our business is to provide easy access for new and existing customers to spares, service, and expert knowledge

Membrane filtration for recovery in dairies

Karsten Lauritzen looks at four different recovery applications where membrane technology is used

Liquid handler facilitates crystallisation of membrane proteins

Overcomes common problems with accurately dispensing nanolitre quantities of these highly viscous lipids

Reducing the costs of membrane filtration with anti-telescoping device

Membrane elements and the housings in which they are fitted are both designed with a small tolerance in diameter, allowing a considerable part of the re-circulation flow to pass between the membrane element and the housing, thereby not contributing to the filtration.

Membrane Filter - Performance Validation Guide

Porvair Filtration Group, a leader in filtration and separation technologies, has developed a new 24-page validation guide for its Fluorofil membrane cartridges.

Mitochondrial membrane structure deciphered in cell cultures

Scientists have identified two proteins linked in an antagonistic manner that are relevant for governing the inner membrane structure of mitochondria.

Atom sized membrane

Graphene has been around for more than two years. A recent advance means it could one day be used as a non-obscuring support for electron microscopy

Leeds-led project unravels the structures of membrane proteins

Potential new treatments for heart disease and infections by parasites or bacteria are now in the pipeline thanks to a €12m European project coordinated by the University of Leeds.





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