Keep children safe around medicine

Every week, 500 children under the age of five are rushed to hospital due to swallowing something potentially poisonous. Darren Pittock examines some steps that can be taken to keep children safe around medication

Unlocking the secrets of hummingbird energy usage

Understanding the physiological mechanisms may open the door to broader, human medical applications

Medica Medicine + Sports Conference

Within the scope of the world’s largest medicine trade fair, MEDICA, held in Düsseldorf, the international professional scene in the field of sports medicine is going to have its own communication platform with top-class participants as of this year.

Healthcare deficiencies for people with intellectual disability

Deficiencies in healthcare and inadequate health promotion are just two of the causes of health inequalities for people with intellectual disability

Roche to present important new data reflecting broad cancer pipeline at ASCO

Roche has announced that important new data from clinical trials of several investigational and approved cancer medicines will be presented at the 49th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), May 31 to June 4, 2013, in Chicago.

Zoom lens for environments subject to radiation

Uses special glass that can withstand long-term exposure to radiation up to a dose of 100 million radians and temperatures to 55°C without discoloration

Imaging the fetus – the history of obstetric ultrasound

To mark one of the most important medical developments to come out of the University of Glasgow in the twentieth century, a new book has been published.

Traditional Chinese medicine seeks to receive FDA approval in US

Dantonic pill is a botanical product for the treatment of chronic stable angina pectoris due to coronary heart disease

High-altitude research advances low-altitude medicine

High altitude medicine is a "natural research laboratory" for the study of cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology. It can shed light on conditions and diseases that mimic the low oxygen content of the atmosphere at the top of mountains.

Medicine residues may threaten fish reproduction

Researchers have discovered that traces of many medicines can be found in fish that have been swimming in treated waste water.

Personalising medicine to prevent pandemics

A scientist describes how computer modelling could be a powerful tool to allow treatments to be tailored to individuals. This approach could ultimately prevent future pandemics.

Stepping towards personalised medicine

Researchers at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center report a significant advance in this field of research using a new chip that looks for hundreds of mutations in dozen of genes.

Delivering Medicine Directly into a Tumours

Researchers have identified a peptide that specifically recognises and penetrates cancerous tumours but not normal tissues.

Why consumers turn to alternative medicine

Alternative health remedies are increasingly important in the health care marketplace. A new study explores how consumers choose among the many available remedies.

Polymer delivers genetic medicine

Researchers have developed a new molecule that can travel into cells, deliver genetic cargo, and packs a beacon so scientists can follow its movements in living systems.

Growing cells for regenerative medicine

Pitt professors receive NIH Director's High-Risk Research Awards to pursue a novel concept of growing cells on lymph nodes and also to understand how to dictate stem cell development.

Medicine: Oils offer health benefits to women

A study comparing how two common dietary oil supplements affect body composition suggests that both oils, by themselves, can lower body fat in obese postmenopausal women with Type 2 diabetes.

Biochip technology boost for personal medicine

As biochip technology makes the transition from ‘bench to bedside’ in the clinical trial processes, improved patient therapies will result. However, a poor reimbursement climate and budgetary restrictions is dampening adoption of chip-based diagnostic kits.

A novel Chinese medicine for treatment of diabetes mellitus

Dr Caiping Wang looks at the potential of Diaban, a Chinese herbal medicine designed by modern biotechnology and traditional Chinese medicine, in the treatment of diabetes mellitus.






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