New cleanroom ISO Class 7

Röchling reinforces offer for medical technology and pharmaceutical engineering

Antibacterial tribo-tape

Surfaces where areas wear in hygiene-sensitive applications can be lined quickly and easily

Lab equipment showcase in Malaysia

Lab Asia takes place from 10th-12th October 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

High quality sealing

For operation in the life science markets including pharmaceutical and medical packaging

Batteries for use in critical medical devices

The new smart battery, aimed predominately at the medical sector, delivers a higher performance than traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries and is much more lightweight

Bio compatible medical cables with UL approval

High demands on connection cables for medical devices especially for electro therapy/ surgery and dental technology

Flowmeters for critical applications

Flow measurement solutions in food and drink, laboratory, medical and pharmaceuticals

Wafer-level camera module for single-use endoscopes

Cross-contamination risks have led to strong market demand for single-use medical devices such as endoscopes

Compact high-voltage power

Helps researchers seeking to develop highly miniaturised scientific equipment, such as mass spectrometers

Medical grade footswitches and hand controls

Applications range from electrosurgical use in X-Ray, MRI, CT and dentistry

On-demand liquid nitrogen generator

Generates liquid nitrogen and nitrogen gas for industrial, medical, food and agricultural, biological and general laboratory applications

Taking charge of medical design

54mm mini credit card battery designed for powering portable medical devices short on space

Freezers biomedical sample storage

Freezers reduces energy consumption and improves temperature stability, delivering the effective, reliable environmental control

Bioabsorbable implants

Used to primarily treat leg, ankle, knee, foot and upper limb fractures and injuries

High performance inert turbine flow meter

For OEM customers in laboratory testing, cooling, pharmaceutical, medical and semiconductor applications

Trial: non-invasive method of treating some small breast cancers

Hoped new therapy will eventually provide a non-invasive alternative to the surgical removal of some small tumours

Strong replacements in medical technology

In the new issue 1//2013 of “driven”, implants and prosthetics take center stage. Learn about the fascinating possibilities of modern prosthetics and how maxon products are used in artificial limbs.

Strengthening micro product support for medical technology innovators

Ten year commitment to micro product availability and technical support reflects lengthier design cycles and product life cycles for medical devices and equipment

Medical power supplies meet latest approvals

All possible configurations carry full safety agency approvals and are CE marked






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