iPSC-derived astrocyte kits

Human cell culture specialists Axol Bioscience expand iPSC-derived cell range to include progenitor and mature astrocytes

Fast and efficient filtration of cell culture media

Specialists in quality laboratory plasticware - Porvair Sciences has announced a new range of disposable syringe filters that provide fast and efficient filtration of cell culture media. Manufactured in a Class 100000/ISO Class V clean room to ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 manufacturing standards ensures all Porvair syringe filters are free from DNA/RNA, DNAse/RNAse and Pyrogen contamination.

Preparing high quality culture media

The new MEDIACLAVE from INTEGRA enables laboratories to rapidly and reliably prepare 1-30 litres of high quality culture media, reducing labour costs and freeing staff to more productive tasks.

Versatile Automated Media Filling System

The new generation MEDIAJET from INTEGRA offers the unique flexibility to be simply configured for high throughput filling of Petri dishes of various sizes, Petri dishes with two compartments and test tubes of various diameters and length.

Science in the media

A major new report into science and the media has drawn on research by Cardiff University which found that that in some respects specialist science news reporting in the UK is in relatively good health.

Alternative growing media

Peat, or semi-decayed vegetation matter, has been used by commercial growers and amateur gardeners since the middle of the 20th century.

Culture media for the detection of coliforms/E.coli

Merck has developed culture media for the detection of coliforms/E.coli for matching two different application areas: potable water/processed food or waste water/fresh food. Now you have a choice: Chromocult Coliform Agar and Coliform Agar ES (enhanced selectivity).

A new method for the manufacture of powdered cell culture media

Due to the continuing growth of the biopharmaceutical industry, in recent years, there is an increasing demand for large volumes of both powdered and liquid media for production purposes. Alan Baines reports on a new method to manufacture a powdered cell culture media which overcomes many of the disadvantages of previous methods.

low protein cell culture media

The use of serum-free media has been well established in tissue culture. It is commonly used to culture many cell lines, including primary cells, cancerous cells, and various transfected cells.


Not so long ago, some industry figures were predicting the death of traditional call centre technology (which commonly uses interactive voice response (IVR)) due to the acceptance of the world-wide web.

Fast and safe media preparation

Precise controlling and monitoring of process parameters during the sterilisation process guarantee media of constant high quality.





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