Self-contained scientific camera

The new TrueChrome Metrics camera from Stemmer Imaging provides fully integrated digital image capture

Novel atomic absorption spectrometers enable analysis of non-metals for the first time

The High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS technology (HR-CS AAS) now also enables the detection of non-metals using an AAS instrument, the contrAA from Analytik Jena

Portable plasma surface testing

The all new PGx from Henniker is a Portable Contact Angle measurement instrument designed for rapid and accurate assessment of plasma treated materials

Precision measurement of metallic foils during production

The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT is unveiling its new “bd-2” sensor for thickness measurements.

Multichannel spectroscopy, for those special occasions

Avantes' miniature spectrometers are well known for their high resolution in a small package. However, sometimes you want a combination of a broad range with a high resolution and that's where the Avantes Multichannel spectrometers come in handy.

Optical gas imaging helps protect offshore oil & gas assets

FLIR Systems reports that remote visual inspection specialists - Inspectahire Instrument Company Ltd. (Aberdeen, UK) has used its GF320 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras to provide hydrocarbon leak detection services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Measurement of pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients

Nick Barnett outlines developments in Raman spectroscopy

Colony count/zone measurement system

Saves time by producing precise potency analysis from raw data

pH electrodes provide measurement in variable temperature environments

Suitable for quality control and research for biological samples and proteins, dairy, food and beverages

Measurement of cell viability and gene expression in a single well

Promega introduces ONE-Glo + Tox luciferase reporter and cell viability assays

Flow measurement for the accurate metering of milk and milk products

Accurate measurement is important for sales volume calculation, inventory control and precise process control

Real-time, label-free measurement of biomolecular interactions

SAW Instruments' sam5 GREEN acoustic biosensor pre-coated, disposable sensor chips

New cell measurement system

Using a sensor that weighs cells with unprecedented precision, researchers have measured the rate at which single cells accumulate mass - a feat that could shed light on how cells control their growth and why those controls fail in cancer cells.

Shaker platform enables non-invasive measurement of process

The Sensolux standalone version is a shaker platform equipped with an optical sensor system for monitoring pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) saturation during cultivation of animal cells.

NeoFox Phase Measurement System

Ocean Optics has just released their new NeoFox Phase Measurement System for fluorescence-based optical sensing, a benchtop device for the measurement of fluorescence lifetime, phase and intensity.

Lab equipment: Leakage-Current Measurement for Safety Checks

The HIOKI 3156 leakage-current measuring device available from ASM GmbH automatically measures the leakage current of medical devices with electrical or electronic fittings in accordance with IEC, UL, and JIS standards.

Lab equipment: Viscosity measurement technology

Cambridge Viscosity is the global leader in fluid viscosity measurement, including oil and gas; petroleum and biofuels; coatings, paints, and inks; pharmaceuticals, and other substances.

Imaging: Easy measurement of large sample areas

The accurate measurement of large sample areas is now faster, simpler and more convenient with the introduction of the Axio CSM 700 confocal microscope.

Nanoscale measurement in 3D

From the motion sensor to the computer chip - in many products of daily life components are used whose functioning is based on smallest structures.

New possibilities for measurement

The future of molecular analysis lies in speed, accuracy, and ease-of-use of microsample technologies. Philippe Desjardins reports.






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