Graphene enhanced resin composite materials

Haydale has signed a letter of intent to start a joint development and commercialisation agreement with Huntsman

Pharmacy academic awarded medal for research into new materials

Scientist whose research into novel materials could provide new ways of administering vital drugs is to be presented with an award

Advanced materials characterisation

ARL PERFORM'X integrates bulk elemental analysis capabilities with mapping and small spot analysis to create a solution for the analysis of any solid or liquid sample

Non-linear optical materials hold promise for better imaging

When photographers zoom in on an object to see it better, they lose the wide-angle perspective - they are forced to trade off 'big picture' context for detail.

Clues for self-cleaning materials in robotics

Self-cleaning walls, counter tops, fabrics, even micro-robots that can walk on water - all those things and more could be closer to reality because of research recently completed by scientists.

Lab tests materials

Community reference laboratory for food packaging ensures chemicals used in products do not affect human health.

Testing Toyopearl process materials

Toyoscreen is a fast method to test Toyopearl process materials.

Validation thermocouple materials within the laboratory environment

Neville J Mitchell discusses thermocouple materials for validation within pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Importance of printed materials in branding of packaging and labelling

A brand can be defined as a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer. Brands offer the consumer something more than just the tangible product. They make people feel secure, accepted, and in a better state of mind than before they purchased the product. Eric Russell reports.

Determining the transport of water vapour through materials

The transport of water molecules through solids is commonplace and of significance to diverse industries. The interest lies in preventing ingress of water vapour and the associated product protection. Equally there are applications dependent on the transport of water vapour where a controlled release of water vapour is required. Dr M Mercer and Dr M J Benham report.

"Sourcing chemicals, metals and lab materials"

With more than 15000 products in the current 1999-2000 Catalogue, Alfa Aesar is a source for chemicals, metals and laboratory materials from sizes for research to semi-bulk and bulk quantities. The catalogue carries high purity inorganics, pure metals, alloys, elements, precious metal compounds and catalysts, rare earths, analytical fluxes, ceramics, labware, AA/ICP standards and more.

Investment will power new understanding of materials

A consortium of top UK academics is developing computer codes to provide new insights into existing and predicted materials using the national supercomputer (HECToR).

New bacteria resistant materials discovered

Using state-of-the-art technology scientists at The University of Nottingham have discovered a new class of polymers that are resistant to bacterial attachment. These new materials could lead to a significant reduction in hospital infections and medical device failures.





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