Rapid, cost effective foreign material identification

RSSL’s rapid route to identifying foreign material in food, can help you quickly detect production issues or deal promptly with consumer complaints.

Reference material to support improved quantification of vitamins in food

Certified reference material enables food labs to comply with EU directive 90/496/EEC

New material will keep packaged food and drink colder for longer

General Applications for Special Materials, is claiming it will change the food and drink packaging industry after developing an insulating material.

Reference material more accurately reflects patient's samples

Altoona Hospital, Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA, has selected Advanced Instruments' Renol urine reference control to calibrate the osmometer in its diagnostics laboratory. Osmometers are used by clinical laboratories toprovide the fastest results in diagnosing drug intoxication, renal function, head trauma, and other applications.

"Ensuring long-term productivity, from raw material to consumer"

LINK is FMC FoodTech's innovative solution to increase the long-term process productivity of an entire processing line of coating equipment, conveyors, fryers, ovens and freezers.

material charcaterisation

PerkinElmer Inc has introduced HyperDSC, claimed to be a breakthrough thermal analysis method for material characterisation.

What Is Moisture Content Analysis?

Moisture content analysis is a critical component of material quality and a function of quality control in most production and laboratory facilities

Recipharm supplies clinical trial material for FDA approved phase IIb study sponsored by PledPharm

Recipharm and PledPharma announce FDA approval of an IND application for Phase IIb clinical trial with PledOx, PLIANT, in the U.S.

New graphene-based material could revolutionise electronics industry

The most transparent, lightweight and flexible material ever for conducting electricity has been invented by a team from the University of Exeter. Called GraphExeter, the material could revolutionise the creation of wearable electronic devices, such as clothing containing computers, phones and MP3 players.

Bacteria evolved way to safeguard crucial genetic material

Just as banks store away only the most valuable possessions in the most secure safes, cells prioritise which genes they guard most closely, researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory’s European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) have found.

Plural Material Packaging Kit

Cost savings are achieved by reducing labour and material waste. Reliability is increased with accurate compound ratios, complete mixing and proper application techniques.

Material resists biofilm growth

Scientists created a surface material on which they could manipulate and confine biofilm growth four times longer than current technologies.





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